Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Our body weight is 65 percent water if we loose 12 percent of it we will soon die. It is a raw material in the manufacture of chemicals, drugs, beverages, and hundreds of other products. It is an essential part of the manufacturing processes that produce everything from airplanes to zippers. we depend on water for most of our technology, comforts and conveniences, for personal hygiene

Friday, 28 April 2017

geography family migration questions

1.Three things I have learned in my migration assignment is that my family lived in Canada since the 1800's and have not really gone anywhere.the most my family moved was Scotland where my great grandmother lived.we lived near the coast like new brunswick and St.john's. 2.The reasons someone would want to settle in Canada is because Canada is a safe country.There is a good supplies of food and water.Good healthcare. 3.Some obstacles for Someone new to Canada is that the climate in Canada can be very cold in the winter.Low food supplies in the winter.Long harsh winters with lots of snow.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Geography day 1

Something that stood out to me today in geography was figuring out the population of countries and writing down the provinces.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

success and failure in my learning

In Term One My successes academically last term were: My ethics presentation that was about plagiarism. What I enjoyed was that I had to watch a lot of videos about what politics is about and why it is important. Another thing I enjoyed was watching the Donald trump Hilary debates. Which were quite amusing and emotional to see.we also watched some joe biden and obama funny moments that made everybody laugh. In Escape Manor we had to problem solve and escape. It involved a lot of team work and problem solving.You also got to move around if you want.I found escape manor a lot of My failures academically were: Last term my worst assignment and the one I enjoyed doing the least was my tragically hip essay which needed more information. I did not enjoy it because it involved reading writing and poetry,i didn't have a lot of time to do it as well.

Friday, 9 December 2016

English Summative

My Final English Summative

This blog post is what I learned during this semester's English course. To do this I want to explain my successes and failures, both which have helped me learn a lot.

My most successful assignments were

My Ethics Presentation: allowed me to demonstrate my curiosity, organization, writing, technology skills, media interpretation, research and presentation.

One of my favourite assignments we worked on this semester was the ethics presentation. It allowed me to look at the topic of plagiarism. I choose plagiarism because hearing about Melania Trump made me curious about it. I felt this topic challenged me to think about why plagiarism is bad, how getting caught can affect you, and how it can affect others because you are stealing stuff. It also made me think about how I need to be careful about plagiarism and also about the morality of how we plagiarize or use people's stuff like music and movies all the time without paying for it.

In my ethics presentation, I planned by organizing slides that I wanted to fill for my presentation. Then I went to a whole bunch of websites to learn about plagiarizing. When I was doing my research I decided that I wanted to look at Melania Trump’s example of plagiarizing. I choose this because everyone was talking about it in the news, so I knew people would be interested. I organized my slideshow by first talking about What is the issue? Then I compared Melania Trump's speech to Michelle Obama’s speech which is the one she copied. I highlighted the parts that were the same so everyone could see the parts that were copied. I also included a video of both speeches that really showed this. I know this worked because people really paid attention to this part of my presentation. I then explained why it was a problem and why it is bad.

In my presentation, I practiced my oral communication skills by explaining all the slides in my presentation. I learned that I have to practice this more because I had a hard time with it, people told me that I should look at them more and not read from the screen. Next time I will face my audience and use notes that I print ahead of time.

Discussion and Debates on the American Presidential Election: allowed me to demonstrate my curiosity, discussion and debate skills and to think critically about the two candidates platforms.

I was really interested in the election and the discussion and debates allowed me to follow my curiosity about what was happening. We watched many videos about the election. Watching the videos helped me learn about how the debates worked and were organized, the information and platforms of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and how the audience acted and how the candidates acted around each other.

I learned that during a debate, the moderator tells each speaker when to start and stop. He tries to keep everything under control. He also asks the debate questions and tries to get them to answer by reminding them of the questions. The speakers are timed, and they’re not supposed to interrupt each other.

From watching the two candidates present I learned about two different types of presentation skills.  Donald Trump would be very loud and say outrageous things.  Hilary would try and say facts and talk calmly.  I learned that Donald Trump actually was more successful and sometimes that being outrageous can be effective.  I also know that this would not work for me and that I would be better staying calm and acting like Hilary.

We had our own presidential debate. Each team pretended to be one of the candidates. My team was Hillary Clinton. We researched her best ideas and someone from the team got up and debated as Hillary Clinton against the Donald Trump team. I learned that it’s difficult to imitate someone and to respond with answers on the go. I also evaluated Donald Trump’s debate in my blog.

I feel that I need to work on my oral presentation skills because I find it really difficult to think on the go.  I also think I learned that you really have to be prepared when speaking in front of a group, and that is something I would like to improve.

Algernon Point of View project: allowed me to demonstrate point of view, creativity, responsibility, and initiative.

In my Algernon point of view project I wrote a story from  Algernon the mouse's point of view like he was in a maze and trying to race Charlie. I did this story on my own without any help so this showed my initiative and responsibility to my work.  This is something I have been working on a lot this semester. In this story I also showed my creativity by coming up with all the ideas in the story. The story was also a good example of my editing skills, as by editing this work I practiced and showed that I had learned some of the strategies used by good students to complete quality work which is to edit.

My Incomplete Projects, Projects I did poorly on: allowed me to learn from mistakes and demonstrated that I can reflect and know that I need to improve as a writer and with leadership, regulation and initiative.  

I had difficulty with the Tragically Hip Poetry unit. My essay about the Tragically Hip was my first try and I learned that an essay needs an Introduction, body and conclusion.  I learned that I needed help to come up with a strategy that helped me organize this type of work. I also learned that I should ask for help.

Overall this course was really useful, my knowledge and understanding of critical thinking, reflection, oral communication styles, skills and strategies, writing styles and skills, and how to use these skills in my business class, and other areas of my life were all important things I will remember. I really like how we were able to learn in ways we liked, and I enjoyed all the subjects we studied especially the election, Flowers from Algernon, King Lear and even stuff about ethics, leadership, and how to write blogs.

I want to finish by sharing a link to a moment of Zen which I think was a really important thing introduced to the class. It provided a good start to class.  I never got to provide one so here is my moment of Zen.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

grey wolves

Grey wolves are a curious furry animal who are usually in packs and live in the woods.They hunt deer, rabbits and buffalo. Grey wolves are in danger because hunters hunt for their fur and sell it for money.Which is really bad because it decreased the population of grey wolves and it could effect other animals as well.That is why it is not good to effect wolves and their habitat.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Cedar Ridge High School
275 Michael Cowpland Drive
K2M 262
Alexandra Dell
September 29, 2016

Dear Cedar Ridge Students and Teachers

I am happy to announce that I have opened a new blog. I would like all the Cedar Ridge students to read my blog and keep informed. In 21st Century Literacy we read,write and discuss books and topics.This blog is an opportunity to practise new media skills. Hope you enjoy my blog!

My goal for this blog is to keep everybody informed about healthy living opportunities as well as other physical activities happening at our school and KMS. I am asking all my readers to leave a comment and let me know if I I am missing anything fitness related.

Goodlife gym is a good way to exercise in a group environment. Mr.Sokolowski will be taking grades 9 to 12 to the Goodlife fitness centre every week.We will walk there as a group for exercise and at the club we will be learning to use the equipment.
Have fun at the gym!

 KMS has a tradition of going to the Pumpkin Run. It is a 5k run in Nepean on next Thursday, October 6.  At the end of the race  every runner gets a pumpkin. Cedar Ridge is invited to participate in the race.
Hope to see everybody at the pumpkin race!


Alexandra Dell