Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Canada's Chemical Valley

What is the issue raised in the video? 
This video is about the pollution and the people affected by the pollution. The Aamjiwnaang First Nations people lived there first, but then people found oil. Companies came to take the oil and process it to make money. The First Nations people are angry because these companies are polluting everything. The companies want to keep the money for themselves so they're not making sure that people are safe.

Propose a solution to the issue. 
The companies should do more safety checks and air checks to make sure that the air isn't toxic and doesn't cause disease.

Map of the area in Sarnia, Ontario

Geography Sustainability

Three things that stuck with me in the video about sustainability were:
  1. They use food waste as the bus gas because it is good to use no fossil fuels.
  2. They use underground tubes to send garbage waste to burn all the garbage.
  3. You can use home monitoring on your tablet to see how much power you use so you know how much you are paying and using in your home.
For the city of Ottawa, underground garbage tubes would be good so that less garbage is on the ground and the city would stay cleaner. Food fuel buses would be good because there would be less pollution with transportation especially downtown Ottawa. Biking more will help the environment then taking your car.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Caribou in Danger

Today in Geography we welcomed Carolyn Callaghan, Ph.D. She is a senior conservation biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Federation. Here are three things that I learned in her presentation:

  1. Caribou can dig through ice and snow.
  2. Some caribou like to spread out so it is harder for the predator to find them.
  3. Caribou's calves can be very vulnerable. 
Here are three questions that I have related to the information from the presentation:

  1. How do you raise awareness of caribou endangerment?
  2. Why is caribou awareness important?
  3. Why would you sacrifice one species?

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Our body weight is 65 percent water if we loose 12 percent of it we will soon die. It is a raw material in the manufacture of chemicals, drugs, beverages, and hundreds of other products. It is an essential part of the manufacturing processes that produce everything from airplanes to zippers. we depend on water for most of our technology, comforts and conveniences, for personal hygiene

Friday, 28 April 2017

geography family migration questions

1.Three things I have learned in my migration assignment is that my family lived in Canada since the 1800's and have not really gone anywhere.the most my family moved was Scotland where my great grandmother lived.we lived near the coast like new brunswick and St.john's. 2.The reasons someone would want to settle in Canada is because Canada is a safe country.There is a good supplies of food and water.Good healthcare. 3.Some obstacles for Someone new to Canada is that the climate in Canada can be very cold in the winter.Low food supplies in the winter.Long harsh winters with lots of snow.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Geography day 1

Something that stood out to me today in geography was figuring out the population of countries and writing down the provinces.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

success and failure in my learning

In Term One My successes academically last term were: My ethics presentation that was about plagiarism. What I enjoyed was that I had to watch a lot of videos about what politics is about and why it is important. Another thing I enjoyed was watching the Donald trump Hilary debates. Which were quite amusing and emotional to see.we also watched some joe biden and obama funny moments that made everybody laugh. In Escape Manor we had to problem solve and escape. It involved a lot of team work and problem solving.You also got to move around if you want.I found escape manor a lot of My failures academically were: Last term my worst assignment and the one I enjoyed doing the least was my tragically hip essay which needed more information. I did not enjoy it because it involved reading writing and poetry,i didn't have a lot of time to do it as well.